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Wooden pallet frames

Our quality product is the “wooden pallet stacking frame”, the practical factotum for every company working with Euro pallets.

Stacking frames provide the possibility to upgrade simple and robust standard pallets with Euro dimension into inexpensive packing boxes.

Frames in various use heights (200, 300, 400 and 500mm) can be placed on each other so that the height of packaging can be varied according to the requirements.

Owing to the solid elaboration of the stacking frames of Brazilian coniferous wood and angle steel brackets, they can easily be used several times.

(An economical solution for closed packaging can be achieved if a lid with strips is additionally fixed.)

Pallet stacking frames with special fixtures

We produce stacking frames with special fixtures according to your requirements! Thus, our frames come up to every purpose. We will bring special construction suggestions to you, so that an effective product can be developed.




Pallet stacking frames as a reliable and comfortable solution!

Pallet stacking frames can be used in most sectors of today’s companies.

This product is suitable for nearly all fields due to the consideration of all the possible customer requirements. This product can be applied either in stocking systems among modern high-rack warehouses or on the load area of international transport vehicles. The quality of this product results from the used material. The stacking frames, which can also be used as a container if required, are made out of a premium material, that eliminates a lot of disadvantages compared to mesh box pallets used so far. Additionally the packaged customer’s products are better protected against the effects of the weather. What is more, an extensive decline of thefts can be observed because of the complete blinds of the packaged goods to be transported by the use of wood plates.

An important advantage over the mesh box pallets is the newly created alternative to transport fragile products, too because the stacking frame can be filled with foam flakes. The stock height of the individual stacking frames can completely be varied because of the choice of frames in different heights. Thus a systematic and space-saving stocking of products is possible. Certain products can be also stocked vertically in the transport vehicles, which has a positive effect on the utilization of the load floor. There is a great advantage for the food transport. Rodents and other vermin can hardly get any access to the food because of the completely filled wooden space so that an enormous increase of hygiene is achieved.

Even modifications in the frame can be made by the customer, which we naturally include during the production. Advertising at the side panels desired by the customer can be taken into account during the production.

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