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Wooden boxes and containers

PlaceSaverFoldable Box

A discussion about "space-saving transport" gave us the idea to develop a foldable transport container. Solidly built, offering the possibility to be operated easily with transport machines using a pallet base frame, is it the perfect solution for economic return transport.

  • Euro pallet size 800 x 1200, height: 950 mm, useful volume: 0,71 m³ (additional sizes available at customer request)
  • Construction on Euro pallets, made of pinus maritime plywood
  • The fittings are made of refined sheet steel
  • PlaceSaverFoldable boxes are also stackable
  • Recessed grips are milled into the sides to guarantee secure handling

Advantages of the PlaceSaverFoldable Box:

  • Foldable, needing very little space, 0,22 m³ (1,2m x 0,8m x 0,23m)
  • Convenient alternative to mesh box pallets

Product images: (Please click the image to make it larger)

"BigBox" Transportation Containers

A lot of situations can’t be imagined without boxes. Many companies need to use cases or boxes for the safe transportation and storage of small parts or intermediate products.

TransConstruct offers you the perfect solution for your containers!

  • On Europallets - size 800 x 1200 or - if desired by the customer- height: 500, 1000 or 1500 mm or customer’s desire
  • Construction on the Euro pallet made of coniferous sawn wood
  • Angles enforced with steel and flat metal strips
  • Transport cradle also stackable
  • Sides can optionally be enforced with vertical timbers

A supporting mesh will be implemented into the frame for the transport of engines, gears or containers. As a result, transport goods can be firmly fastened on the basement.

Advantages of the "BigBox":

  • The transport cradle can be used as a one-way solution
  • An economical alternative to the mesh box pallet
  • Splitting up also possible with trays
  • Additional possibility with trunnion to be spilled
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