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Pallets are produced for you (identical in design with the Euro pallet)!

Our products, like stacking frames or special transport cradles, will be, if required, firmly fixed on Euro pallets or they will be delivered with the products.




Furthermore, we produce on one-way pallets, an economical version compared to the pallet mentioned above.



These pallets will also be designed according to your requirements and dimensions.

Special pallets

Many companies manufacture products which do not correspond to the dimensions of the Euro standard and therefore cannot be transported with standardized Euro pallets. We always have the exact solution for this purpose!

We manufacture the adequate pallet for every product!

Furthermore we also offer the comprehensive products of transport and stocking tools, like trestles, sustainers, muffing materials, strips, panels and so on.



We also produce multiple adapters for products with different dimensions and moulds for the stabilization of various transportation goods.



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